Captain blooze - the 3rd...

  Slowly the old formula slipped out

  • The Blue it    
  • charge 1, chargin in, 1st, tuh panic, shocking. spell test, tester. Opener. The Saucership. not only that BLOOZE took off into City along the roads and byeways known by fanger the road deputy. Noticing a shop dispatch he pulled over Strange how he knew the scene the comic was old and had been left in ledger the colours pulled him in closer till he seen an old mate LEWi but no pictures only this old hotel from olden days LEWi had died as a child sometime back in darktimes amid the chemists strides which took hold and brought me foward into this game.
  •   After lunch I rewarded the horse to -
  • blues checks
  • the old roll - tarot reading, wipe out Y:history
  • sweeping through his calander
  • the little girl vales
  • often rate
  • scenie city skullboard a raped passer hurls at eez mussel gun in range he fires off
  •                                                       | The Diaphram
  • The Bullet                                      | Middle Range
  • These All Make Sense                    | The Punsargh
  • Studying                                         | Rhino
  • Files 4F1.../more changes later     | Malta
  • Fingy
  • Blabard
  • Buxon

FATE  the blues manual